What the Microfiber?

Microfiber is the terminology used to describe the very fine fibers and mentions for technology development of this fiber. Fabric made of extra fine thread this produces a very soft touch, such as a towel, mop and many other applications such as, bath robe, baby towels, etc.
Many definitions of microfiber but most say in general terms as the yarn fineness has a size of less than 1 denier per filament. The mention microfiber technology refers to the development of fine fibers with a diameter of only 0.006 mm which means 10 times finer than silk, cotton 30 times, 40 times out of wool, and 100 times that of a human hair.
Only one lbs (about 0.456 kg) weight yarn can circle the earth more than 10 times. The smaller the diameter and number of threads, the finer the fiber, which means more effective to clean the surface.
There are four kinds of microfiber in production but the most good for the cleaning cloth is a mixture of the two polymer is nylon (polyamide) and polyester.

Polyester as lyophillic ensure grain affinity for dirt and oil while the nylon (polyamide) function in terms of water absorption.
The ratio of the two polymer mixture typically is 80% polyester and 20% nylon, 70/30 mixture will absorb water faster. Therefore more expensive than polyester nylon, the price is slightly more expensive for this 70/30 mixture.

It is true that nylon absorbs more water than polyester, the fabric made from a blend of 70% polyester and 30% nylon dry automatic no better than 80/20 mix.
The process of knitting and yarn treatment (splitting) will determine the quality of the fabric is more than material. Without mixture splitting process, no different from the normal polyester.

Polyester and nylon splitting process creates millions gap in many slices (16 slices “cross section” / 16 segments in the form of V / star-shaped groove) . It also referred to the process of weight reduction because some parts of the polyester dissolved by a solution of NaOH (soda costic).
Conducting the process of splitting with less than perfect will reduce quality microfiber cloth. This process must be done perfectly, too many “splitting” causing damage to the thread too little causes loss of function properly.

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