What Exactly Is Multiple Sclerosis

It is surprising how often the subject of steroids appears. Only in the last two weeks, three people told me they were on prednisone and they were all cranky about side effects. One was taking them for sinus problems; another was taking prednisone for arthritis. The third was taking them for MS outbreak.

They are powerful drugs and are often prescribed for people with and without MS. Why? Because its main purpose is to reduce inflammation. And inflammation occurs in all parts of the body, and these medicines help.

But there is much to know about steroids, and unfortunately, the doctor and the pharmacist does not say everything. The first experience with steroids is horrible to say the least, and creates tremendous confusion and stress. I personally hated them at first, but then understood reactions of my own body and that worked for me, steroids became my friend.

For people with MS, corticosteroids (“steroids”) – usually Solu-Medrol and prednisone – used to reduce the duration and severity of an asthma attack (or exacerbation or attack). Solu-Medrol is administered intravenously for 3-5 days usually in the country (about 1-2 hours per day). Prednisone is taken orally usually in a period of 10-14 days, starting with a very high dose (eg 80 mg / day works for me) and close to the last week to 10 mg. for the last day.

What you should know about steroids:

Again, the purpose of steroids to reduce inflammation. When the dose is high, the immune system become suppressed. Therefore, you want to take all measures to maintain its strength and exposure to infections, colds and viruses off. If you currently have an infection or virus causing the outbreak, try to get rid of the infection / disease before boarding steroids, if possible.

A common side effect of steroids is the water retention. Remove as much salt as possible from your diet while taking them. This goes beyond table salt. Canned, frozen and packaged foods, pickles, condiments, meats, etc., are loaded with sodium; so avoid these and eat soft and fresh food. Often, people will get what they call a “moon face”; the face can become full and rounded.

Appetite usually increases when steroids are taken, so stick to snacks like carrot sticks, celery, apples, popcorn or unsalted. The sacrifice of a strict food regimen for a maximum of two weeks is well worth the extra pounds you will not win and worrying later.

Once you start steroids, follow the entire program and not just stop taking them. Doing so can inhibit the adrenal glands to produce the natural amount of cortisol after.

A universal complaint is insomnia. Talk to your doctor about sleeping pills. Even with a sleeping pill, you can only get four to six hours of sleep. Try reading, doing paperwork, or anything that will keep insisting on no sleep.

There are many other side effects while taking steroids; the amount, type, duration will be different for each. For example, I get supercharged and elated when I’m on steroids, especially when they kick in and my symptoms are improving. I also get very constipated. Other common complaints were irritability and mood swings. If you are anxious, ask your doctor about an anxiety pill to minimize stress.

For women, it has not yet shown whether steroids affect birth control pills. It’s always a good idea to use extra protection while on steroids.

Try to moderate their expectations and do not compare yourself to anyone else. Some people respond faster and better than others. Take notes every day about what is better, what is not, how much … It will help you with your next event. You will learn their own bodily reactions and patterns as time passes.
When a program steroids, a person often go into drug withdrawal is completed. Symptoms may worsen again, and different side effects may occur. For me the shakes, anxiety, weeping, acne, hair loss, I get sleep; and my symptoms are worse than before I went to steroids. After my period of “withdrawal”, my symptoms conform to what is normal for me; and all the other side effects of steroids disappear. You are having been on steroids on average twice a year throughout my MS, I have learned what to expect and how to ride it out.

cara menaikkan trombosit secara tradisional There are serious side effects to using steroids for a long length equal months or even years. These include things like loss of bone density. As always, you have to weigh the benefits against the positives to take any drug.

Sometimes steroids work for a person, and sometimes they do not. And of course, everyone reacts to a different medication – both in response to the effectiveness and side effects.

All you can do is try. If it works, great; if not, something good will have to be treated to alleviate the problem.

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