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Volunteering for Vacation Work in Peru

panti asuhan bersinar

For anybody wanting to volunteer abroad in Peru, this is a good time, because Peru is currently enjoying a tourist boom. This has enabled a degree of economic relief to be provided to the 25% of the country’s population that live under conditions of poverty. Although Peru offers modern cities such as Lima, because of the nature of its geography it is also home to many poor communities that live in the foothills and also high up in the Andes.

For these reasons, while Peru is a fabulous country to visit while on vacation, it also offers a number of opportunities for volunteers who would prefer to spend their spare time on a working vacation and help the local people to improve their lives and their future. You will find a great deal of satisfaction when you volunteer abroad in Peru, and many people return year after year, and if you want to volunteer, Peru would be a good choice.

There are a number of projects available that you can help with, mainly centered on the cities of Cusco and Huaraz. Cusco is a great place for a vacation, particularly if you are interested in history. Its architecture is a mix of colonial and ancient Inca, and the scenery is magnificent as you would expect with a city in the Andes. Cusco is the ideal base for the Inca Trail and is 3.5 hours from Machu Picchu by train. You can also visit an ancient Inca Fortress – the Sacsayhuaman Fortress, the ‘Satisfied Falcon’ that overlooks the city.

Huaraz is another city where a volunteer in Peru can choose to work, 10,000 feet up in North Central Peru. It offers some magnificent scenery and amazingly modern night-life, and is very popular with those that choose to volunteer abroad in Peru. Should you decide to volunteer, Peru offers a number of projects that will enable you to explore these pats of Peru, and get to the people and their culture. You will be able to taste traditional Peruvian food, and this is great way to spend a vacation, gap year or just a short break for groups of people or individuals.

Here are some of the projects available to a volunteer in Peru:

Teaching English in Peru

You would be involved in teaching English as a volunteer abroad in Peru at one of two schools with low resources. You would work as an assistant to the regular teachers, and act as a role model for the children. Being able to speak and read English is an advantage to Peruvian children and will make it easier for them to secure employment as they progress.

Shelter for Girls in Cusco

This shelter is for girls who may be orphans, have been abandoned, have suffered sexual abuse or who have suffered some other form of violence in the home. As a volunteer abroad in Peru, your work will focus on the education and support for these children. The work involves teaching computer skills, teaching English and generally assisting the staff in their work. There will be plenty of time for you to enjoy the city and take in the sights surrounding it.

Orphanage for Boys

The yayasan yatim piatu offers care for children that have been abandoned by their parents or who have no parents. As a volunteer in Peru your work will involve general staff support such as helping with the preparation of meals, helping with homework, and assisting the staff members with recreational activities. You may also help them with their English, which is an important skill in Peru, and act generally as role models. Many of the families of these boys are alcoholics or live in poverty, and the children may have been subject to violence and abuse. Some of the children attend school in the mornings while others attend in the afternoons.

Each of these three projects is oriented towards kids aged 3-15, and this is ideal vacation voluntary work for those that like children. The work is very satisfying, and you will learn as much from the Peruvians about their country, culture and way of life as they will from you. When you volunteer abroad in Peru it is a two-way arrangement, and you will never forget the people you will meet here.

Volunteering for vacation work in Peru is easy, and all you need is a passport, some cash, and you are all set. The vast majority that spend their vacation in this way return home with a better understanding of how less fortunate communities live their lives, and with the desire and will to return when they can. If you decide to volunteer abroad in Peru you will never regret your decision, and while you will be working, most consider it the best vacation they ever had.

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