Tips healthy food while traveling

On the way out of town, very easily tempted to eat a lot at dinner though, also sweet pastries such as donuts before starting a journey. Everything it can add a bit of power, but it was difficult to maintain health during the trip. With a little of this habit, we can keep our health no matter how long we travel. Here are six tips on healthy eating on the go:

Bring their own snacks.

The first tip is to bring their own snacks. When perhaps everyone offers many choices, we might prefer to eat apples that we carry alone.

Swapping menu in portions.

Try to swap the menu options with more healthy foods in our food portions. For example if we liked the crab for the main meal menu, now try the salad. Compared pizza or pasta at an Italian restaurant, we could try a selection of fish with vegetables. We can also reduce the consumption of bread and butter simultaneously.

Do not order excessive.

Just because there are fellow traveler who pays the bills eat or office that pays for official travel, then we could order as much as possible without thinking about portions and nutrition.

Kompromilah with yourself. We can drink a few drinks, but miss the appetizers. If we can not pass up dessert, we can share them with colleagues trip.

Say no to soda.

Chances are we going to drink more than usual on a group trip. So it’s better we do not drink soda, because one can of soda contains about 40 grams of sugar (about 10 blocks of sugar). Replace soda with mineral water.

Customize with our requests.

Before traveling, we can tell colleagues that the trip level is already very high cholesterol or other problems. With it we can choose replaced fruit snacks compared with sweet pastry.

Optimize buffet

When the portion of food is limited, it is easy to take the plate and choose foods with carelessly, which usually do not we consume, be consumed. Drink a full glass or two glasses of water after you wake up in the morning so we were not hungry when we went to eat at the buffet.

Before making a choice, do check on the buffet food available and adjust our eating so as not to overdo it. Better yet, we could skip the buffet meal and a message from a set menu only.

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