Selecting Watches Customize With Hand Characteristics

Many types or models of watches on the market today with a variety of design and display, ranging from the classic to the futuristic design, from a wide variety of features (ranging from simple features to the advanced features) to the new brands which was also crowded emerging.
The great variety of options to make a lot of people who actually even confusion when choosing and buying watches that suit him. And to overcome them certainly there are several factors that need to be taken to ensure that the selection of watches can actually fit, one such factor is characteristic of the wrist.

Does not rule out a sense of comfort with the current usage, here are some tips on choosing a watch based on skin color and the shape of the wrist.

Proportional hand
Wrist form a relatively proportional typically characterized by the size of the wrist that is not too big and not too small, aka medium-sized, owner’s wrist is not too muscular to the thickness of the skin is not too high (not fat).

Owner’s wrist is a very lucky person. This is because the wrist Such an ankle that could use all kinds and shapes of watches. Hours any model will usually be harmonious and appropriate use by the owner of the wrist proportionate.

Hand Muscular
The owner of the wrist which is usually often muscular exercise. The watch strap and body size slightly larger is better suited for the owners of this muscular wrist. This type of hand also fits in well with watches design Sporty and masculine.

Selecting Watches Customize With hand. But characteristics that need to be considered, should the owner of this wrist strap to avoid the use of chrome or stainless steel material (bracelet), it can reduce the valor or masculinity of the wearer (not comparable with muscular wrist).

Hand width and Pipih
Watches that have a rather small or large body quite fit (fit) for the owner of the wrist that is characteristic wide and flat. Moreover, if the watches were worn rope made of stainless or chrome materials, would further add to the character of this kind of owner’s wrist.

Diameter Small Hands
People who have a small wrist usually somewhat thin-bodied or thin indeed. For the owner of a small wrist advised to avoid watches with a great body and a rope because it can give the impression of a hand burdensome. Better to choose a watch with body size and small rope.

Hand Large diameter and Contains
Someone who is obese and frequent exercise will typically have characteristics that contains and large hands. Owners are encouraged to wear a wristwatch strap and body size is rather large. With the watch strap is or width combined with a fairly thick material will make its user to become more visible manly and masculine.

Leather Hand Bright
For those who have wrist quite bright / light (fair-complexioned or white) can freely use any color restrictions hand without hours. This is because the owners of brightly colored skin that is suitable with almost every color, especially bright colors (striking) such as pink, red, black, brown, or other contrasting colors that could give rise to a unique impression on the hand.

Leather Hand Medium
For owners of skin color was (not too dark and not too bright) is somewhat the same as the owner of brightly colored skin. This is because the skin color was indeed suitable to use any kind of clock.

But keep in mind, it’s good for the skin owner was to first match the color of the hour will be charged with the color and style of clothing to match though not exactly, but if matching will be much better.

Skin color Dark Hand
For owners of dark skin color or dark brown should be careful in choosing the color watches. Selection of striking colors such as yellow, shocking pink, red, lime green and could give the impression that too much contrast. However, the fashion among African-Americans usually striking colors is a favorite, of course, be offset by the user watches confident.

For those of you who are not too confident and wanting a more universal, choose colors such as cream color, red heart, and light gray jam tangan daniel wellington. Avoid dark colors that stand out like black, dark brown, to dark gray that will make the watches obscured or drowned by the color of your skin

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