Oppo is a relatively new contender

Oppo is a relatively new contender in the competitive European market. Although we constantly heard from new devices in your home country, China, until now we have not received anything from you. That changed with the arrival of the Find 5, its high-end model, a good price, is able to catch up with some of the most powerful smartphones out there.

It is normal that the brand attracts increasing attention, so it’s no wonder that more and more people are interested in getting the same experience on their Android devices. Well, it is now possible thanks to the files that we link below. This is the series of apps and images that come by default in HP Oppo models.

The main character is the launcher, although not spectacular visually speaking, is very fast, lightweight and easy to use. It is complemented with some interesting apps, like time, compass and flashlight, which have their own style. Finally, we have ten wallpapers high resolution will look good no matter what launcher apps are using. – Reviewane

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