Laughter produces a powerful relaxation

It is shown that laughter produces a powerful relaxation of the parasympathetic nervous system, which decreases the contraction of a series of smooth muscles that are controlled by such a system in this way also reducing tension and stress.

Dr. William Fry, -the “doctor of humor” – defines laughter as a “total organic experience” in which all major systems, such as muscle, nerve, heart, brain and digestive involved; It occurs in two stages: stimulation of health and deep relaxation. It is also a good aerobic exercise that ventilates the lungs, while heated and relaxes the muscles, nerves and heart. Laughter, like a physical exercise, accelerates the heart rate, blood pressure rises, breathing becomes faster, expand circulation and encourages the entry and exit of oxygen.

Therapeutically, when a person laughs, it is less prone to physical and psychological illnesses; meanwhile, patients treated laughter therapy can reduce, by up to 60 percent, the recovery time. Under that concept, that emotional expression is part of the key to existence.

It is the cheapest medicine because if we laugh, the three lower stress chemicals: cortisol, by 39 percent; epinephrine, up to 70 percent, and L-dopa, at 38 percent.

Mexican medical surgeon from UNAM, orthopedic and former academic mastery of Industrial Design, Faculty of Architecture, Maria Cristina Leon Gonzalez said that expression has a powerful force for transforming humans and has amazing health effects and facilitates creativity, innovation processes and consolidate teams. For medical, laughter also helps to expand the boundaries of habitual thinking. “If you have a problem, humor manages to be displayed better,” he said.

What to do to take life with humor?

The first thing to do is learn to appreciate what you have and stop bemoaning what we have not, show positive attitudes to people and events, surround ourselves with fun people, make our daily duties a source of satisfaction …

You can not forget that happiness is not related to major events, not with a good job or large amounts of money, it is to enjoy the small moments of every day, and this influences the attitude much each has to the adversities and setbacks that we continually present funny videos.

Smiles and conquer

Many times, we think that we will not have many chances to drive us to laugh spontaneously, that life is too complicated to have a sense of humor to the surface.

But you can try to ease tensions with a laugh and let the muscles and organs moving again. All this makes one feel much better.

In these cases laughter is the best medicine, because it is impossible to laugh at heart and at the same time be anxious and tense.

Do not forget the importance of learning to appreciate the little things, remembering the last moments that made us laugh (sure we each have some anecdotes that when we remember provoke a smile on our face), to see a movie in we eventually turned funny.

We must learn to develop that sense of humor that helps us see the comic and funny side with life.

This will help us to play down the difficulties, to relativize the problems, we will also be useful in our relationships with others and it is always nice to have around people who know how to smile that video lucu.

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