Jardini Pearl Arowana – Scleropages Jardini

Widespread determine: Jardini Pearl Arowana, Australian Arowana, Pearl Arowana

Scientific title: Scleropages Jardini

Widespread Grownup Fish Measurement: 24 inches / 60 cm

Place of Origin: Northern Australia

Typical Tank setup: A sand or gravel substrate must be equipped along with driftwood/ bogwood and vegetation; it’s a very good suggestion to have some free-floating vegetation or vegetation that will adhere to driftwood as some individuals do not tolerate rooted vegetation. They could even require a protected, enclosed prime on their aquarium as they’re extremely efficient and notorious jumpers.

Actually helpful Minimal Aquarium Functionality: 180 gallons / 720 litre

Compatibility: Although they’re usually merely bullied by greater Cichlids once they’re youthful, as quickly as Jardini Arowana hit the eight″ to 12″ mark, they typically turn into terribly aggressive to all completely different tank inhabitants, notably these of the identical type; tank mates should be chosen very fastidiously. Jardini Arowana are a solitary, aggressive, territorial species, nevertheless have, once in a while, been recognized to coexist with large Oscars, big Manguense, large, predatory catfish, and massive plecos, but it surely certainly’s hit or miss and more often than not, they’re finally the one fish left inside the aquarium.

Temperature: 76 – 85 Deg F / 24 – 29 Deg C

Water chemistry: pH 6.zero – 7.5

Feeding: Jardini Arowana are carnivores and should be equipped with a variety of meaty and vitamin enriched meals equal to dwell, frozen or freeze-dried ghost shrimp, krill, minnows, bloodworms, blackworms, mealworms, earthworms, crickets, frogs, crayfish, and Cichlid/Arowana pellets or sticks.

Sexing: Males have an prolonged anal fin and can be distinguished by their protruding jaw, the place females are usually thicker when completely mature.

Breeding: Jardini Arowana are mouth brooding, egg-layers and aquarium breeding is awfully troublesome, nevertheless not inconceivable (an enormous tank of 600+ gallons might be wished). Inside the wild, spawning commences in the beginning of the moist season, the place they will pair off and lay their eggs (50-200). As quickly as fertilized, the female will protect the eggs in her mouth until they hatch. When the fry hatch they will keep on with their mother for spherical 4-5 weeks and when threatened the mother will open her mouth allowing the youthful to hunt shelter.

Additional Information: Weekly water changes of in any case 25% must be carried out (frequency can vary counting on aquarium filtration effectivity) as Jardini Arowana are very delicate to water chemstry. Make certain the aquarium lid is powerful and secure or your Jardini may end up on the bottom!

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