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Foods to Avoid Before Bed

Foods to Avoid Before Bed – Although it was late, you are sleepy, but still want to eat something before going to bed. Sounds familiar does not it? Maybe so, or there is nothing wrong with eating before bed, but if you’re used to eat late at night, you should be careful and avoid food lists underscore and this:
ngemil malam
Foods to Avoid Before Bed

Yes, chocolate looks very tempting. Regardless you eat chocolate all day, night is not the right time to consume them. Chocolate causes insomnia, and lack of rest. The next day, you will feel tired as exhausted staying up all night. Perhaps not everyone will experience the same effects, but these are things that you should consider before fulfilling the desire to eat chocolate before bed.


Cheese can cause abdominal pain and related problems are very bad stomach acid. Avoid eating cheese at night before you sleep. Better save it to be consumed in the morning.

Spicy food

If only the passing of two hours after you eat dinner, and you want to try to eat spicy, no doubt it will cause upset stomach and make you unable to sleep. Avoid spicy foods, even if just for snacking.

Cake or ice cream

You have a cake or ice cream in the freezer? and you kept thinking to eat? You know that you will not be satisfied enough to eat if only a small spoonful consumed, and you will want to eat it again and again until you feel full or satisfied. Avoid sugary foods at night, especially if you know that you will not Mersa enough to eat in small amounts. This will disturb your stomach and you will experience insomnia.


Hamburger was delicious. You will not be difficult to find hamburgers and fast food because they are very easy to get, especially in big cities. But the burger was the wrong choice to be consumed in the evening. Burger contains a lot of fat that can be absorbed by the body very quickly, especially at night. Remember that fat accumulated in the blood vessels will block the flow of blood and oxygen circulation to the brain becomes blocked.

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