Catharsis is a purifying experience human emotions

Edukasi Indonesia – Catharsis is a purifying experience human emotions. As such, the word comes from the Greek ???a?s?? (catharsis), meaning ‘purge’, ‘purification’.

Within the literature, meanwhile, catharsis is the purifying effect experienced by the viewer through a work of art. The concept was first devised by Aristotle in his Poetics. As such, the Greek philosopher recognized in classical tragedies the power to make the viewer release their baser passions through the aesthetic experience of the theater.

In this sense, the tragedy gave the viewer a range of emotions such as horror, anger, compassion, distress or empathy, which allowed him to identify with the characters and their stories and, thus, allow the purifying effect producing be staged within. Hence, the tragedy also prove instructive for public regarding decisions or interests that prompted his characters to his unfortunate end. Read to about sejarah sepak bola.

Catharsis in Psychology

In the area of ??psychology, specifically in psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud authors like retake the concept of Greek catharsis from a therapeutic point of view. In this sense, catharsis is a method by which, during therapy, a patient is led to unlock memories or repressed in the unconscious experiences, usually associated with past traumatic events, in order to be able to talk about Therefore, sensitize them, and experience emotionally.

Catharsis in Medicine

In medicine, as catharsis is called spontaneous or artificial removal of substances that are harmful to the body. To trigger a catharsis, just inoculate a little evil that is affecting the patient to provoke such a crisis generated by the ejection of matter or harmful fluids.

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