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Angklung 2

About the history, types and myths Sundanese musical instrument Angklung

Maybe you already know Saung Angklung Udjo in the area of ​​East Bandung, West Java. There are known the art angklung guarded hereditary. Angklung is a traditional Indonesian musical instrument that originated from the Sunda land. Angklung is made of bamboo which is emitted by shaken. This sound is caused by the impact of a bamboo pipe body to produce a sound that vibrates in Read More →

i love dangdut

Indonesian Dangdut Music History

Dangdut is one of the genres of musical art that developed in Indonesia. This musical form rooted in Malay music in the 1940s. In the evolution towards contemporary forms now in effect elements of Indian music (mainly from the use of tabla) and Arabic (the crooked and harmonization). Changes in political currents Indonesia in the late 1960s opened the entry of a strong influence of Read More →


Nightwish – Élan

Leave the sleep and let the springtime talk In tongues from the time before man Listen to a daffodil tell her tale Let the guest in, walk out, be the first to greet the morn The meadows of heaven await harvest The cliffs unjumped, cold waters untouched The elsewhere creatures yet unseen Finally your number came up, free fall awaits the brave Download lagu mp33 Read More →


Sabrina Carpenter – We’ll Be The Stars

We are young, we are gold Trying things we didn’t know Looking at the sky, see it come alive All our fears became our hopes Climbed out every locked window Rode a lion’s mane and fell upon the rain We can reach the constellations Trust me, all our dreams are breaking out Download Lagu Mp3 No, we’re never gonna turn to dust, Yeah, all we Read More →


Shawn Mendez – Something Big

[Cute giggle] 1, 2, 3, 4 Oh, whoa, oh oh oh oh whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh whoa oh oh oh oh whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh Play the lotto you might win it. It’s like 25 to life so you bust out of prison. Something’s in the air, something’s in the air It’s like that feeling when you’re just about Read More →