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About the history, types and myths Sundanese musical instrument Angklung

Maybe you already know Saung Angklung Udjo in the area of ​​East Bandung, West Java. There are known the art angklung guarded hereditary. Angklung is a traditional Indonesian musical instrument that originated from the Sunda land.

Angklung is made of bamboo which is emitted by shaken. This sound is caused by the impact of a bamboo pipe body to produce a sound that vibrates in the composition of tones 2, 3 to 4 tones in every size, both large and small in size. Tone or tunings angklung as a Sundanese traditional music mostly salendro and pelog.
About the history, types and myths Sundanese musical instrument Angklung
Angklung 2
History angklung
Angklung is a musical instrument from West Java. One angklung surviving since more than 400 years ago is angklung gubrag in Jasinga, Bogor. Its presence originated from rice rite.

Angklung created and played to lure Dewi Sri down to Earth so that people rice plants thrive. Sundanese angklung known by the public since the kingdom of Sunda, such as penggugah spirit in battle.
Function angklung
Namely Angklung function as pumping spirit of the people is still felt up during the colonial era. Therefore, the Dutch government had banned the public use of angklung. The ban could make angklung popularity declined and only played by children only.
Myth angklung
From sources in the can that the origin of the creation of the music of bamboo, such as angklung based worldview Sundanese agrarian society with the lifeblood of paddy (pari) as a staple food. This produces a mythical belief in Nyai Sri Pohaci as a symbol of the Goddess of Rice giver of life (breathe-hurip).

Throughout the trip Sundanese people in the processing of agricultural (tatanen) mainly rice and huma has spawned the creation of poetry and song as a tribute and offerings to Nyai Sri Pohaci, and in an effort nyinglar (starting reinforcements) to match planting them not to invite disaster, both pests and disasters Other natural.

Similarly, when the harvest feast and seren epidemic, it is known that the holding is also offering the game angklung. Iron and upon presentation of angklung which has ties to the rice ceremony.

And this art has also become an entertainment show that its procession or helaran, even in part of the place into a convoy Rengkong and Dongdang and jampana (stretchers food) and so on.

With the development of angklung it spread to the rest of Java, and Borneo and Sumatra. Even angklung is to spread and well known all over the world jual lensa kacamata, especially mainland Europe and Asia.
Wide angklung
Angklung there are many types, according to the characteristics of this division and regional development.

Traditional Angklun Kanekes
Traditional Angklung Dogdog Lojor
Traditional Angklung gubrag
Traditional Angklung Badeng
Traditional Angklung Beans
Modern Angklung Padaeng

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