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6 Things You Should Know Before Moving Jobs

One solution to improve working careers usually move to another place. In a new place you can get a better position and a higher salary than the original place. However, moving the work takes a lot of consideration. Or a high salary offer good position does not guarantee you can happy in the new workplace.
Pindah kerja
Here are six things you should know before deciding to move work:

1. Location Workplace

Location does matter. Make sure the new job is located within easy reach either by modes of transport like any private vehicles. Sometimes the location of the workplace distant and inaccessible causing you often late and tail-tail lazy to work. If you have this, how you can improve the career?

2. Positions in New Places

You changed jobs because they want to improve the career and salary, right? Then make sure you get two of these things in a new place. Do not let you change job, but your salary is smaller than before, or occupy a lower position.

That his name in vain alias does not develop. Remember, in many respects, everyone would want to enhance their career.

3. Employee Status

This is similar to the above points, but the more specific you are when received employment status. Some companies implement the contract system for several months, then raise the employees had become permanent employees. But there is also introduced a system of employee contracts and renew the contract until a certain time.

The status of the employees is very important to know if you can count on that enterprise for your career forward. Usually a good career can only be obtained if the employee status of permanent employees. In addition, there is one other advantage if they become permanent employees. Namely the loan application process such as mortgage (KPR) will become easier. Because banks often provide the requirements of borrowers to become permanent employees if they want to apply for a loan.

4. Conditions New Company

Before the signature of the contract, you must ensure that the state of the new workplace. Do not until just a few months you worked there, the company went bankrupt. You can check the new working places of your friends or the company’s website.

In addition it is suggested to move the work to a company that already has credibility and is quite prominent compared to the previous company. It’s also a sign of advancement, and you do not have to worry that it would be problematic. Do not hesitate to ask others whether the company is good or not.

5. Facilities Received

As an employee, you must get some facilities such as transportation allowance, meal allowance, leave allowance and others. Well, make sure you get a variety of facilities that benefit was in a new place. If the facility can be many and good than the old workplace.

Not just perks alone, at the office you should have facilities that can support the daily work. One is a laptop or computer with the specifications as required. If ever it should be prepared yourself, then you’re the one who will be troubled i another day.

6. Working Environment

Work place that has a very high turnover usually indicates that there is something wrong with the company. So before joining you should get information about the situation of working environment baju batik. Including answering a few questions such as whether the employees are treated well by the boss?

Do not until you get into the workplace environment is not new but fun. You might not feel at home and had to find a new job again.

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