4 Ways to Create Powerful Your Monday Friday Feeling

This expression is often a picture of everyone’s welcome Monday. How not days lazing at weekends must be replaced back to the routine of work. From the start list of work to be done up to a target that you have to meet, which often make the most of the employees were reluctant to start a day earlier in the week. Not infrequently, some just hope the day does not change so as not to have to face a hectic Monday.
In order not always tormented in welcoming Monday, it helps you do the things below to make your Monday was Friday:
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1. Create Exciting Plans

In contrast to Friday, where most employees are planning a variety of fun activities at the weekend, on Monday became the start all the plans in the work. The same guidelines can also be used in making your monday fun. Make fun plans on Monday. For example, asked to see your friends get together after work, or watch a movie with some co-workers. Plan activities on Monday, as you plan activities at the weekend. Write down all the fun things you will do on Monday.

2. Wear Comfortable Clothes

Know ye that the clothes we wear not only boost our confidence, but also can determine the mood we start the day. Therefore, put on comfortable clothes or favorite clothes before leaving for work. Using comfortable clothes can boost your mood while working. Not only the clothes, the color of the clothes you wear can also have a positive impact on your daily life. Several studies have described the color purple and red can make you feel better when using it. To choose the right clothes that Monday-mu fun.
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3. Start With This Fun

Mood in the morning because it determines how fun your day, then start your day by doing things that are fun. Such as, listening to music, breakfast favorite foods, sports, or other activities that could increase the zeal began earlier in the week on Monday. Not only that, help a person journey to the office, greet customers with a smile, or make your friends laugh can also be a positive activity that you do to make your monday fun. Positive energy that you give can not only make you more relaxed, but also provide a pleasant atmosphere in the environment where you work. For that start your Monday with a positive activity that is fun.

4. Change the Mindset On Monday

Often Monday be a bad day, because on that day that you need to restart your job or even finish the job that you could not finish at the weekend. It also makes Monday’s heavy hand. Though Monday can be as much fun if you do not accumulate all the work on Monday. Try to divide the work on Monday in a few days, sort by priority which must be done in advance and can be done tomorrow. That way you will not dizzy imagine so much work piled up that you have to do on Mondays.

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