ideas for your living room design

10 decorative pieces to make recycled materials

ideas for your living room design
Want to innovate in home decor economic and environmentally friendly way? Let’s create decorative pieces, which in addition to creative will be unique! As? Be inspired by the 10 ideas below!

1. recycled lamp

You feel that the house needs more light? That this increase decorated with a color luminaire made of glass bottles? Or with light nozzles of different shades? Both are unique decorative pieces made from recycled materials that make different and innovative environment.

2. Flower Vase with recycled lamps

There is no light, but there is life … save the burning lamps and turn them into vases for flowers. As? Very easy … cut the socket base with a small saw, then with a small screwdriver, break the glass bulb and pull it out. After broaden the aluminum socket and make a small hole on each side to fit a wire or fishing line and hang it on the branches. As easy as beautiful!

3. Refrigerator custom

Get inspired on the blackboard of the classroom and use to decorate the refrigerator. Just set a contact paper and then apply the green or black chalkboard paint. Instead of choosing a penguin for a more original effect, how about removing the trunk toys and accessories? What to do with them? Apply magnets, and ready … let creativity give a final touch to the decor of the fridge!

4. trimmer mugs

Do not know what to do with the collection of mugs? Build a trimmer to expose them in the decoration. As? Attach hooks beneath the cabinets and then a bat and gift mugs with ropes … Besides creating decorative pieces for decorating, the kitchen will be filled with memories and stories that each brings mugs.

5. Decorating with pallet

Remember that reusing recycled materials to decorate is more than a trend of economic decoration. And yes, an opportunity to save the environment as well as personalize a space. Use pallets, crates and carretéi to create decorative and moving parts such as, tables, bookshelves, sofas, beds …

6. Functionality for flat tire

Refill recycled materials and give functionality to flat tires. As? Create unique furniture to decorate the house, whether as a puff, armchair, coffee table …

7. Frames on wall

Looking for ideas to expose special moments in home decor? Um … how about riding an art gallery, whether with photos, posters, fabrics, clipping magazines … It’s a unique idea to customize the spaces that are sometimes less admired, for example, the hallway or stairs.

8. decorated bottles

Decorate with bottles is as delicate as practical and original … There are many ways to include them in the decoration of the house, like a torch or candle holder, lamp shades lamps, bright decorations, flower vase, etc. …
9. Bookshelf with ladder
What to do with that ladder there is unused time? Be creative and make a beautiful decoration of mobile ladder, whether a shelf, a desk, a rack or shoe rack … simple and functional ideas that in addition to beautify, organize the house of fun and original.

10. Bicycle ratchet Clock
Have you ever heard of that decorating trend “trash to luxury”? So … reuse recycled materials and give a second life to ratchet bike who was recently dismissed. Make a beautiful decorative piece as well as being a unique wall clock will be a beautiful object of art.

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